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CUTANEON – Skin & Hair Innovations GmbH is a privately owned, independent R&D company dedicated to the development of ground-breaking cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, and dermatological drugs, founded by Professor Ralf Paus. Based on its expanding IP and data portfolio, CUTANEON seeks industry collaborators and investors for defined R&D projects geared at developing and commercializing disruptive skin & hair products, with an initial focus on cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals that inhibit or reverse skin aging or control hair growth and pigmentation.



Innovation in the skin & hair product space is both our passion and expertise. Rather than subscribing to a marketing-driven product development philosophy, we are convinced that only a rigorous, top-of-the-line translational science approach to skin & hair research can generate transformative skin & hair products. In our commitment to scientifically robust preclinical R&D, we insist on using the very best, clinically most relevant models and assays currently available. Moreover, we are committed to generating environmentally responsible and sustainable skin & hair products that promise to deliver validated long-term benefits to consumers and patients.



We aim to revolutionize skin & hair product development by identifying and targeting ancient, yet previously under-appreciated signaling systems in human skin and hair: chemosensory “smell” and “taste” receptors (olfactory, taste, and cannabinoid receptor; TRP ion channels) that have been utilized for millions of years during evolution and are still very active in human skin, but await systematic targeting. It is CUTANEON’s mission to generate patent-protected proofs-of-principle for the creation of early-stage innovative product platforms that stimulate or inhibit carefully selected chemosensory receptors.

Based on the pioneering research of CUTANEON’s founder, we focus on molecular targets, whose full potential has previously been missed by competitors (see product development portfolio). The composition of the founding team of CUTANEON and its key advisors reflect our mission: to combine the highest standards in innovative skin & hair research with profound experience in translating this into the development of highly competitive products and product pipelines.


Building on our world-leading translational research experience in these areas, we initially focus on the development of cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals as well as on drug repurposing for these skin product frontiers where the market has long been waiting for landmark progress:

  • Hair growth control

    (including the inhibition of unwanted hair growth and the management of inflammatory hair diseases)

  • Skin pigmentation

    (including UV-free tanning)

  • Anti-hair graying

  • Chemotherapy-induced hair loss

  • Mitochondrial medicine in dermatology

  • Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging strategies

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Methodologically, our principal R&D strategy is to perform product development research directly in the human target organ, i.e. human skin or hair follicles, to stay as close as possible to clinical reality. We also use state-of-the-art in silico modelling for the identification of patentable actives. Wherever possible, we favour skin & hair product development strategies that prioritize ecological sustainability, sourcing of natural compounds, product safety, high product value-for-money, and proven long-term skin/hair benefits. For this, CUTANEON strategically collaborates with Monasterium Laboratory (also founded & run by Professor Paus), the leading provider of human skin & hair follicle organ culture-based research services. From IV/2023, CUTANEON will also operate its own basic & translational research laboratory in the new “Biocube”, Berlin, Germany.

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